Smart Transportation
Smart Transportation : Intelligent transport system that enhances safety and efficiency
  : Autonomous vehicles.
Intelligent Medicine
Intelligent Medicine : Remote surgery.
  : Remote health monitoring and diagnosis.
Smart Education
Smart Education : Virtual reality live streaming classes
  : Virtual Science Centre
  : Smart Campus
Smart Travel
Smart Travel : Augmented reality tours for tourist attractions.
  : Real time translation at tourist attractions.
Smart City Management
Smart City Management : Drones - Patrols, search and rescue, meteorological conditions survey
  : Urban safety monitoring system.
  : Smart meters and power grid management.
  : Smart home/building.
  : Smart pole - interactive urban information, such as weather conditions and pedestrian flow.
  : Intelligent disaster prevention.
Intelligent trade / Industry / Manufacturing
Intelligent trade / Industry / Manufacturing : Holographic VR meetings/events
  : Logistics management.
  : Remote control applications for agricultural production/factory.
Smart Life
Smart Life : Virtual reality/augmented reality shopping.
  : Wearable device for data monitoring, location tracking.
Smart Entertainment
Smart Entertainment : High Speed Download for 4K/8K Audio-visual media
  : VR live broadcast of games.
  : Real-time video for multiuser social networking.
  : Interactive virtual/augmented reality gaming.