Prepaid card users should complete the Real Name Registration as soon as possible to avoid suspension of mobile services

In accordance with Term 1, Article 24 of Law No. 13/2019, the Cyber Security Law, which has been effective on December 22, 2019, telecommunication operators should undertake the real name registration and urge prepaid card users to register for their prepaid card which activated before December 22, 2019, within the transitional period of 120 days upon in force of the Law (on or before April 19, 2020). Prepaid card users can make the registration at telecom shops or via their available electronic platforms. For details, please contact the designated telecommunication operator.

Mobile services for prepaid cards with no registration will be suspended on April 20 (end of the transitional period)

Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau is delivering the gentle reminder, those prepaid card users should complete the real name registration promptly. Meanwhile, to avoid the suspension of mobile services after the transitional period, we appeal the public to convey the news about Prepaid Card Real Name Registration to the elders, students, domestic helpers or vulnerable groups in surrounding community.

Special call for online registration to avoid crowd gathering

In order to cooperate with the pandemic prevention work, the public are encouraged to avoid crowd gathering in telecom shops. For time saving and risk reducing, Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau encourages users of prepaid card to use online platforms (such as official websites, applications or official WeChat accounts) provided by telecommunication operators to complete real name registration.