Roaming Data Tips To Help You Travel With Ease

Press Release

Overseas travels are lots of fun, where the sights and sounds of the journey can be shared with family and friends via data services. To prevent getting bill shock after your trip, CTT would like to remind you of the following tips: e.g. using roaming data locking service, applying for the “roaming data daypass”, paying attention to the roaming data charging alert SMS, checking frequently the mobile network your handset is connected to, and checking with your operator regarding the charges for the roaming data service, etc; with adequate preparation, you can enjoy fully your trip.

CTT noticed that more and more residents choose to travel overseas during the Easter holidays. To minimize the risk of bill shock due to roaming data, CTT would like to share a few tips regarding roaming data protective measures:

  • using the locking USSD/SMS features to deactivate data services provided by the operators when not using roaming data;
  • consider applying for the charge-capped “roaming data daypass”, and remember to manually set the appropriate overseas operator, and also note the “daypass” alert SMS as well as the service activation and termination time;
  • note the alert SMS regarding roaming data charges being sent to you, at the same time the handset’s mode of communication setting, to prevent the handset from automatically “jumping” from WiFi to mobile data to go online;
  • finally, inquire the roaming data service tariffs of the travel destinations from your operator before heading overseas.

To further understand the roaming data protection measures, please browse CTT’s website and inquire your operator for details.