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Tips for Network Security


Network Security

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The development and widespread use of computers, smart mobile devices and the Internet have transformed the way of communication between people and the application of information technology, bringing to our lives more innovative experience and possibilities, and allowing people to connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere without time and space constraints. We can easily use technological devices and applications for retrieving information, getting connected and communicating, conducting e-commerce and having entertainment, to make our lives more convenient and enriched.

Meanwhile, the convenience of the Internet may give opportunities to criminals to seek benefits from illegal activities, therefore, it is critical to carry out preventive safeguard measures and to be attentive to network security issues.

Using the following tips can improve the security when using the network:

tick Review and update operating systems, application software and browsers regularly
tick Install Security and Anti-virus software to protect devices and data
tick Use firewall or enable device encryption
tick Use secured Wi-Fi connection and remove unnecessary connection settings from the device
tick Turn off the setting of automatic wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC)
tick Only download application software from trusted sources or official websites
tick Avoid opening the links or attachments from unknown sources
tick Use high-security passwords and update them periodically, keeping them well managed
tick Backup data from devices regularly