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Major Telecommunication Service Statistics (2020)


Telecom Services
Fixed Services
Total 110,368          
Residential Telephone Lines 55,829          
Commercial Telephone Lines 54,539          
Mobile Services
Total 1,665,466          
3G Postpaid Subscribers 36,072          
3G Prepaid Users 19,421          
LTE Postpaid Subscribers 780,920          
LTE Prepaid Users 829,053          
"One SIM Two Numbers" Users
(Macau number as secondary number) 1
Internet Services
Total2 200,488          
ADSL Broadband Subscribers 19,427          
Fiber Broadband Subscribers 180,947          
Paging Services
Total 0          
Usage Statistics
Outgoing International Calls
(million minutes) 3
Mobile local SMS messages
(millions) 4
Local Mobile Data Usage (TB)4 3,851.63          
Internet Usage, Broadband Access
(million hours)
Commercial Wi-Fi Hot Spots 2,613          
WiFi GO Hot Spots5 183          
FreeWiFi.MO Hot Spots6 431          

1: This number is included in the total number of mobile users
2: Includes ADSL broadband, fiber broadband, ISDN and leased line users
3: Includes fixed and mobile users (prepaid and postpaid card)
4: Includes prepaid and postpaid mobile users
5: Free Wi-Fi Hotspots provided by Macao Government
6: Free Wi-Fi hotspots provided by government departments and organizations that have joined the "FreeWiFi.MO" program (including WiFi GO Hot Spots)