Major Telecommunication Service Statistics (2019)


Telecom Services
Fixed Services
Total   118,835          
Residential Telephone Lines   61,556          
Commercial Telephone Lines   57,279          
Mobile Services
Total   2,091,777          
2G Postpaid Subscribers   0          
2G Prepaid Users   0          
3G Postpaid Subscribers   53,634          
3G Prepaid Users   50,164          
LTE Postpaid Subscribers   739,435          
LTE Prepaid Users   1,248,544          
"One SIM Two Numbers" Users
(Macau number as secondary number) 1
Internet Services
Total2   195,864          
ADSL Broadband Subscribers   29,530          
Fiber Broadband Subscribers   166,216          
Paging Services
Total   73          
Usage Statistics
Outgoing International Calls
(million minutes) 3
Mobile local SMS messages
(millions) 4
Local Mobile Data Usage (TB)4   3,069.37          
Internet Usage, Broadband Access
(million hours)
Commercial Wi-Fi Hot Spots   3,138          
WiFi GO Hot Spots5   182          
FreeWiFi.MO Hot Spots6   476          

1: This number is included in the total number of mobile users
2: Includes ADSL broadband, fiber broadband, ISDN and leased line users
3: Includes fixed and mobile users (prepaid and postpaid card)
4: Includes prepaid and postpaid mobile users
5: Free Wi-Fi Hotspots provided by Macao Government
6: Free Wi-Fi hotspots provided by government departments and organizations that have joined the "FreeWiFi.MO" program (including WiFi GO Hot Spots)